The roots of sheet metal workers can be traced back to craftsmen making hairpin decorations and swordsmiths.
In the past, sheet metal workers were also referred to as metal artists.
The art form involves bending and shaping a sheet of metal as if it was origami.
With half a century of experience, we represent a group
of craftsmen highly skilled at working with various metal materials.
A third generation Bankinya was born with the passion to expand the possibilities of working
with manmade metal materials and create new forms through combining our core
expertise in sheet metal processing with design.

Inorganic materials are often described as cold and lifeless.
On the other hand, these materials are also simple and possess a sense of cool beauty.
Metals are the epitome of inorganic materials.
The beautiful silhouette and finishing comprised of lines and surfaces offer a stunning precision
and quality while a sense of luxury and security can be found in the substantial weight of each piece.
Enjoy the unique supple radiance and formidable beauty of inorganic metals through "Inorganic-Modern metal."

Stainless steel has a somewhat different radiance than gold and silver.
The shine of stainless steel can be adjusted to represent different styles and quality.
Not only is stainless steel a beautiful metal, it is also known for its rust resistance and is hypoallergenic.
Through our very own craftsmanship and expertise in sheet metal work,
we strive to enhance the value of stainless steel material and bring it closer to everyone's daily lives
with the products we create at the third generation Bankinya.

Yamato Nadeshiko, a term that likens the fresh beauty of Japanese women to the dianthus flower.
The term represents the image of a woman who possesses beauty,
a delicate nature, elegance and integrity.
The essence of such an ideal woman, known as Yamato Nadeshiko, is something we want to convey to the modern world.
The Yamato Nadeshiko series created by female members of Bankinya.

A hair accessory unique to Japanese culture. Choose your own based on the season and your mood. Two designs are available, flower and seasons as well as goldfish scooping. Each design incorporates special imagery for you to discover.

Hexagon pendant lamp

STRUCTUREStainless; Mirror finish inside

Octagon pendant lamp

STRUCTUREStainless; Mirror finish inside

Octagon pot cover

STRUCTUREStainless; Matte finish

Hexagon pot cover

STRUCTUREStainless; Matte finish

Octagon coffee table

STRUCTURE01.Stainless; Mirror finish
02.Stainless; Hairline finish
  • 01.Mirrow finish

  • 02.Hairline finish

Hexagon stool/coffee table

STRUCTURE01.Stainless; Mirror finish
02.Stainless; Hairline finish
  • 01.Mirrow finish

  • 02.Hairline finish


TYPE01.Alternate openings
02.Opening in front
03.Opening in front (shelf board included)
STRUCTUREMatte coating
Stainless random lines

Pokkuri stool / coffee table

STRUCTURE01.Stainless; Mirror finish
02.Stainless; Hairline finish
  • 01.Mirrow finish

  • 02.Hairline finish


Wire mesh series Contrary to a solid sense of presence
Relish in the comfort of the lightweight.

SUS304 / SUS316L

01. Chokers ¥30,000
02. Bangles24 ¥25,500
03. Bangles14 ¥21,000
04. Rings ¥15,000
05. Earrings square ¥13,000
06. Earrings rectangle ¥13,000
07. Necklaces ¥30,000


A series designed after the image of a misty forest in the still morning Intricate patterns just like the fine misty air, emanating a sense of calmness.

SUS304 / SUS316L

01. Bangles20 ¥17,000
02. Bangles5 ¥14,000
03. Earrings square20 ¥10,000
04. Earrings square10 ¥6,000
05. Earrings rectangle35 ¥6,000
06. Earrings rectangle20 ¥5,000
07. Necklaces ¥20,000

magic hour

The evanescent sky between day and night A series designed after this magic hour Every piece is a completely original, one-and-only item Always a different color; just like the sky during this hour.

SUS304 / SUS316L

01. Earrings square20 ¥10,000
02. Earrings square10 ¥6,000
03. Earrings rectangle35 ¥6,000
04. Earrings rectangle20 ¥5,000
05. Bangles20 ¥17,000
06. Bangles5 ¥14,000
07. Necklaces ¥20,000

An ornate hairpin patterned after the elegant appearance of gold wish swimming effortlessly. Available in two designs: Ryukin and Demekin. These goldfish swim about the water changing its flow. Therefore, they are considered to be of good luck in Feng Shui.

01. The adorable eyes and quite personality sooth people’s hearts.
02. Dazzle people’s eyes by waving their beautiful tail to swim elegantly and freely.

An ornate hairpin patterned after the flowers of Japan’s four seasons, which are: spring: Yae-zakura cherry blossom; summer: Dutchmans pipe cactus; autumn: Chrysanthemum; and winter: Japanese camellia. These hairpins make a thoughtful gift along with a message that expresses the unique meaning of each flower for each season.

01. Known as the flower of turning points that expresses an elegantly beautifuwoman, chastity, moral beauty and grace.
02. Conveys a magical message to women of be strong, pure, bold and ephemeral.
03. Symbolizes nobleness, refinement, and purity for design that is highly dignified.
04. Conservative beauty, pride and virtue. A flower inspired word for Japanese women that follows Yamato Nadeshiko.