During the 17th century, the shogun of Japan, Tokugawa Ieyasu,
gathered the greatest armor and weapons makers
from around the nation to create the finest quality products.

New Generation Sheet Metal was born from those roots,
based on the techniques and aesthetics of those metal craftsmen,
and pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the medium.

Our artisans have refined their skills to create remarkably elegant pieces,
crafting beauty never before seen in metal and delivering
a new brilliance to your life. 

Kanzashi are traditional Japanese hair ornaments.
Our Kanzashi embody Japanese quality in both beauty and function, and add an exquisite brilliance to your hair.

Put your hair up and style it with traditional decorative flair using a single KANZASHI

Both beautiful and functional, our Kanzashi hairpins represent the pinnacle of Japan's traditional artistic aesthetic,
and allow you to effortlessly fasten your hair with a single pin.
Our craftsmen put great care into every detail, crafting these pieces from durable stainless steel that never loses its shine to create
unique works that possess a brilliance that will set you apart.

Add distinction and elegance to your everyday hairstyle

Kanzashi hair pins: adorning your hair with brilliance.
With elegant cut-out designs themed around traditional Japanese motifs,
our Kanzashi feature two sleek legs and a curved form that allows you to effortlessly fasten your hair in an elegant updo.
Each Kanzashi is cut from a solid sheet of steel, providing strength and brilliance that never fades.

  • Comb Hairpin-KANZASHI
  • Flowers and Seasons
  • Hanafuda
  • Gliding Goldfish
  • Ukiyo-e

Comb Hairpin-KANZASHI

Bouquet / Botanical / Little flowers

Our stainless steel Comb Kanzashi add a elegant brilliance to your ensemble.
These traditional Japanese hair ornaments feature delicate designs crafted by the most skilled metal artisans,
while still being strong and durable.
Make a grand appearance to an exclusive party, or add shine to your nightout on the town with these elegant combs.
Express your love with a gift of a Comb Kanzashi.

size: (leg)about 70 x 65mm, material: stainless steel

Flowers and Seasons

Japanese flowers and the four seasons sketched in silvery contours.
Bring the beauty of nature to your hair.

  • Daisy

    A symbol of innocence, beauty,
    peace, and hope.

  • Lily

    Shows purity and refined beauty.

  • Dahlia

    Represents brilliance, elegance,
    commitment, and appreciation.

  • Camellia Sazanka

    Expresses a deep strength
    used to overcome adversity.

  • Double Cherry Blossom

    Represents elegance and beauty,
    purity, modesty, and inner beauty.

  • Queen of the Night

    Brings to mind strength, purity,
    and vigorousness,
    but also ephemerality.

  • Chrysanthemum

    The symbol of Japanese
    nobility and virtue.

  • Camellia

    Shows a refined beauty, pride,
    and excellence in all things.

  • size: about 50 x 135mm, material: stainless steel


Japanese playing cards

Elegant patterns depicting the beauty of nature.
Add shine to your night out with these pins.

  • Warbler in a Plum Tree

    February / Plum

  • Plum Tree and Poem

    February / Plum

  • Peony

    June / Peony

  • Chrysanthemum with Sake Cup

    September / Chrysanthemum

  • Deer in Autumn

    October / Autumn leaves

  • size: about 50 x 150mm, material: stainless steel

Gliding Goldfish

Japanese goldfish are a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good luck.
Let your brilliance shine as these goldfish glide through your hair.

  • Ryukin Goldfish

    Those who gaze upon its fluttering tail
    and elegant figure will become
    entranced with its beauty.

  • Demekin Goldfish

    Its gentle eyes and peaceful
    personality bring a sense of calm
    to those who see it.

  • size: about 50 x 135mm, material: stainless steel


Our Ukiyo-e line features selections from ukiyo-e master Kuniyoshi Utawaga.
In 18th century Japan, Kuniyoshi was extremely fond of cats.
His favorite furry companions found themselves depicted in many of his ukiyo-e scenes
and now we have taken those frolicking figures and turned them into whimsical hair pins.

  • Ukiyo-e Dancing Cat

    From Kuniyoshi Utawaga’s “Scene at Okazaki,” Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō Road series

  • Ukiyo-e Kabuki Cat

    From Kuniyoshi Utawaga’s “Fashionable Cats take on Actors’ Roles”

  • Ukiyo-e Cat as Female Demon

    From Kuniyoshi Utawaga’s “Mirror Images: Cats as Lion, Horned Owl, Female Demon”

  • Ukiyo-e Cat as Skull

    From Kuniyoshi Utawaga’s “Nozarashi Gosuke,” Men of Ready Money with True Labels Attached, Kuniyoshi Fashion series

  • Ukiyo-e Frolicking Cat

    From Kuniyoshi Utawaga’s “Scene at Okabe,” Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō Road series

  • Ukiyo-e Beckoning Cat

    From Kuniyoshi Utawaga’s
    “Four Cats in Different Poses”

  • size: about 50 x 150mm, material: stainless steel

Kuniyoshi Utagawa (1798-1861)

was renowned for his skill in a variety of images, from those depicting noble warriors to caricatures overflowing with humor.
He continued to teach the techniques of ukiyo-e until the end of the Edo period.
Utagawa’s unique style earned him praise as a “painter of the fantastical,” and has continued to be popular through
the ages as modern viewers continue to enjoy his works. He showed great versatility between his depictions of heavily
muscled warriors and his images of cats, fish, or tanuki badgers who have taken on human roles.
His eye for satire and defiant spirit permeates his body of work, creating humor that remains popular today.

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